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Why is Fire Escape Painting Necessary

Why is Fire Escape Painting NecessaryAlmost every building in New York has fire escapes that may often measure as large as a whole room. As an integral part of a building’s emergency proposition, fire escapes must be well-maintained and reliable to use whenever required. Though you may hope that you never have to use it, you have to keep a check on its functionality- emergencies are never pre-planned!

Nonetheless, numerous residents have converted their fire escapes into tempting personal spaces for meditation, a library, and so on. Whatsoever, one should not forget the ultimate purpose of fire escapes. Conducting regular inspections and fixing the issues will help keep your fire escape in good shape. Apart from fastening the nuts and bolts, fire escape painting is also an indispensable part of the maintenance program.

Why Should You Paint Fire Escape?

The enticing zigzag pattern of yellow fire escapes you find on the streets of Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Westchester are generally made up of wrought iron and steel. Thus, they are highly prone to rust. It is one of the primary reasons old and neglected fire escapes lose their strength and are at great risk. They may even crumble down with the rapid pace of your footsteps!

So, how do you keep your fire escape safe? Painting of course! When compared to the benefits it offers, the fire escape painting cost will seem much less!

  • A coat of good-quality paint will protect the metal surface from an extensive array of damages.
  • There is no better way to prevent rusting than to apply a thick layer of the paint of your favourite color! It makes your fire escape rustproof for years.
  • Painting fire escapes also boosts the durability and strength of the structure.
  • Lastly, what about the visual appeal? A freshly painted yellow color fire escape enhances the aesthetics of the building. Do you agree less with that?

Therefore, the painting of a fire escape is as important as the fire escape installation.

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The Painting Process

You will always require hiring a professional for undertaking the job of painting your fire escape. They possess extensive knowledge and experience along with the right set of skills and tools. The technique primarily follows:

  • Scrape off old paint and rust with a wire brush.
  • Clean the surface completely by washing it with water and liquid detergent.
  • Use a rag or cloth to wipe off water and other residues.
  • Let the metal surface air dry to get rid of all the moisture.
  • Apply a coat of primer once the surface is completely dry. It acts as a barrier to rust formation, securing the metal beneath from damage.
  • As the primer dries up, layers of paint are applied with a paintbrush to cover the surface precisely. Oil or enamel-based paints are the most ideal choices for their water-resistant properties.

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The cost to paint fire escape depends considerably on the extent of damage, the amount of paint required, and the quality of the paint. Nevertheless, you cannot possibly compromise the safety of your family by contemplating the expenses! Can you?

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