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Masonry Contractor NY is the one place where all your masonry dreams will come to life when the best craftsmen will be at your service!


With a team of highly adept professionals, including designers, architects, and engineers, we construct your dreams into reality, aiding a holistic approach. Even with the most complex projects, our team of experts effectively conceptualizes the idea and fabricates it into a work of utter proficiency, dedication, and integrity. Preserving the morals code of conduct in business, we at Masonry Contractor NY dwell with an explicit contractual and technical perspective.

A renowned masonry contractor serving across Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Westchester, Masonry Contractor NY has expertise in home improvement, building renovation, and an extensive range of waterproofing and roofing solutions. With prosperous years of experience in the industry, the company has acclaimed felicitous popularity through several successful residential and commercial projects.

We are a team of licensed professionals, spectacular craftsmen, and creative designers aiming to proffer you avant-garde solutions in remodelling your home or office space. Apart from this, we specialize in the repair and replacement of sidewalks along with aiding futuristic waterproofing fixes.

At Masonry Contractor NY, we comprehend your requirements and work relevantly to its core without any scope of indisposition. We highly stand for strict business ethics showcasing utter professionalism and providing our best efforts to exceed your expectations!

Our Operation Procedure

Prompt Actions
Contact us soonest whenever you require sidewalk fixes, building renovation or waterproofing solutions. Call us anytime at 347-331-7600 or drop a text. Our customer service professional will be there for immediate assistance.
Budget Estimation
Our experts will visit you and listen to your requirements. We will analyze the project thoroughly and provide you with an estimated budget. Once you approve, we will prepare a written contract for your assurance.
Progress Phases
Our team will get to work as soon as all the formalities are discharged. We will be constantly in touch with you at every phase of the project development. You will be aware of the work progress and its various aspects.
Project Delivery
Once the project is completed and we deliver it to you on time, we are not yet done! It is when we see you happy and satisfied; that we will feel we have accomplished our mission. A happy client is our only gain!

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"My house received a new identity!"


I am very grateful for the home renovation service I have received from Masonry Contractor NY. It was indeed a laborious task, but the workers have worked so efficiently that my home today has become the talk of the neighbourhood. From the brilliant stucco work on the exterior of the balcony to the all-new staircase design, I can’t stop praising their stunning work! Earlier, my house almost became invisible in this posh neighbourhood! I am so glad I approached Masonry Contractor NY for the renovation project. You guys have done magic!

"Truly diligent and extraordinarily skilled"


The basement of my house was flooded all the time and it became almost inaccessible because of the foul stink and insects crawling on the walls! Also, it felt as if it is going to crumble down at any time! It was a horrific experience! I have spent so many sleepless nights worrying about the condition of my basement. Finally, I approached my friend who recommended contacting Masonry Contractor NY. A little hesitant initially, however, gradually I started believing in them. The planning and execution were completely different from any other masonry contractor I came across. The end result was truly amazing! The basement of my house has now become my kid’s favourite play spot! Thank You!