DOB Violation RemovalThere are some cases in New York where tall buildings are not complementing the DOB violation, issued by the government. The owners of that building get legal notice to remove the DOB violation as soon as possible. If addressed, then one amended Certificate of Occupancy (CO) gets generated. 

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What Are The Types of Violations?

There are three types of DOB NYC violations –

  • Class 1 – The less hazardous violation comes under the class 1 category. The class 1 violation has a lesser effect on Earth, Life, Health, and Property.
  • Class 2 – In the case of the class 2 violation, there will not be an immediate need for removal, but this could be a long-term life-threatening condition. This category of violations is also the one where a penalty acts as an economic disincentive to stop the repetition.
  • Class 3 – The violations are extremely hazardous and life-threatening. This category needs to be addressed as soon as possible to avoid any harm to society. Penalty under the act gets accounted for, if not corrected.

Quick List of All Violations –

  • DOB Fire Safety Violation – The building should comply with the fire safety. The local law of code is 16/84. 
  • DOB Facade Violation – The penalty code of the law is 11/98
  • DOB Boiler Violation – The penalty code of the law is 62/91
  • DOB Elevator Violation – The penalty code of the law is 10/81 

Ways To Resolve DOB Violations Without Attending a Hearing –

  • Zero Penalty –

Owners of the building under violations can get free from paying a penalty. This possibility comes when one corrects the violation and gets verified within 35 days. If done, owners will not have to attend any hearing from the court if Administrative Enforcement Unit (AEU) accepts the certification.

  • Stipulation – 

This case falls under the class 3 as well as the class 2 category. Owners have to attend the first hearing and require to pay half the amount of the penalty. After accepting the fault, the court will give 35-90 days, within the days one has to correct it. If not done timely, full the amount or original penalty will be charged. 

  • Admitting Via Mail –

Mailing and admitting the fault via mail applies to all violations. Owners can pay the penalty amount beforehand. After paying the amount, they will not necessarily have to attend any hearing. Certification will also be provided. 

How To Avoid Violations?

Instead of paying the penalty, you can challenge the unfairness in the hearing and prove yourself right. Before appointing a contractor for NYC Building Violations removal, you can avoid certain DOB violations. 

  • If you are already addressing the non-hazardous condition and the violation is sent to you with legal law, then you are free to certify it and avoid penalty. 
  • You can dismiss the violation sent to you if all necessary things have already been done before the DOB violation.
  • The violation can be dismissed if intentionally done because of an emergency situation. If proved right, the court will declare it unfair and withdraw the penalty.

What We Can Do For You?

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