fisp local law 11 inspection nycIll-maintained building facades pose risks for pedestrians and adjacent constructions. For instance, if loose masonry components fall off, they can cause lethal damage to people walking by and impair other nearby real estate. Property managers must be aware of the detrimental effects of such poorly maintained buildings. After a fragment of terracotta fell from a building killing a student on the Upper West Side, the NYC government 1980 decided to take action. Local Law 10 was introduced, which mandated wall inspections at regular intervals.

The LL10 was fairly successful, but several accidents in the late 1990s compelled the NYC Department of Buildings to amend the requirements in the law. As a result, local Law 11, a stricter version of LL10 known as the Facade Inspection and Safety Program, was introduced.

NYC has a combination of environmental conditions demanding building walls, making some elements susceptible to rapid deterioration, such as:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Vehicles and building heating systems cause air pollution
  • Given the proximity of the sea, salt, and its corrosive effect

What is the Facade Inspection Safety Program (FISP local law 11 inspection NYC)?

As stated above, the Facade Inspection Safety Program is the law formulated to prevent injuries to the people of NYC due to poorly maintained tall storeys. The requirements of the Local Law 11 inspection are as follows:

  • At five-year intervals, NYC buildings taller than six stories must have their walls inspected.
  • A Qualified Exterior Wall Inspector (QEWI) (Registered Architect or Professional Engineer; minimum one year of experience) must carry out the inspection.
  • Inspect appurtenances such as lighting fixtures, guardrails, signs, air conditioners, windows, and any objects attached to the wall that can drop if poorly supported.
  • Balcony enclosures (or railings) fall under the FISP local law 11 inspection NYC and require an installation permit.

More than 12,000 buildings in NYC are liable to Local Law 11 inspection requirements.

The properties have differing deadlines for inspection reports to avoid having the local law 11 inspection Manhattan staff overwhelmed with paperwork. If the buildings fail to submit the reports within the deadlines, penalties apply.

Inspection, Repair, and Renovation of Facade

During repairs, the building is kept under Bronx DOB violation removal under local law 11. And hence, it is crucial to get timely the repairs done. If you find anything unsafe in your property owing to its dilapidated condition, get it repaired at the earliest before the DOB violation worsens, thereby imposing charges for multiple offenses. The overall process is called the safety program of facades inspection and repair contractor Bronx. It is also referred to as the Local Law 11 Contractors Bronx. This applies to homeowners owing buildings having more than six or more storeys.

Infringement of the local law 11 could bring you before the court, and not adhering to local law 11 could also result in you paying substantial fines. Therefore, if your building is susceptible to local law 11 violations, consider it profoundly and hire local law 11 contractors.

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Keep Your Building Facade Safe With Facade Inspection Safety Program

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