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Cracks in your windows or doors can affect the beauty of your home and make it unsafe for you or your family. Window lintel repair Queens is labor-intensive and costly, but the result is worth it. If you want to improve the architecture of your home, window lintel repair is a great way to do so. Deteriorating window trim and lintels are often the downfalls of many older and historic homes. Lintels are horizontal pieces of wood or masonry that cover the space between a wall and the bottom of a window or door.

These areas have deteriorated over time due to water damage, termites, or rot. When this happens, wooden or masonry materials can become soft and vulnerable to cracking and other types of damage. To repair these areas on your home, you need someone experienced in these projects. Excel Masonry Contractors NY specializes in masonry work and window lintel repair. 

If you are struggling with window lintel replacement Queens, let our expert contractors fix up your home today. We take pride in the quality of our work and our customer service.

When do I need to repair a lintel?

A lintel is any horizontal piece of wood, brick, or stone that covers the space between a wall and the bottom of a window. They are usually made from these materials, but you can also find them made from metals. Masons use them to build beautiful houses and buildings. A lintel may begin to crack in many different ways. It could start as a small crack on the surface of the wood and deepen over time, or it could develop into something more devastating. You may be unable to tell if your lintel has cracked because it doesn’t look very nice.

  • Jutting Bricks: If the window lintel on your home appears to be jutting out or buckling, it may have damage, then you need new window lintel installation. This is generally due to water seepage that has caused the wood or masonry underneath the window lintel to rot and deteriorate.
  • Cracks Around the Window: Cracks around your window’s frame may be caused by termites or insect damage. Termites tend to cause damage over time by gnawing at the masonry holding the window up.

If a window has been around for a while and is not being used, it will eventually show signs of termite damage. Insect damage on a wooden lintel can also have similar effects.

Identifying Damaged And Failed Lintels:

The most obvious way to tell if your lintel has failed is if the sills of your windows or doors begin to sag. If you notice this problem, it may be hard to tell whether your window sills are sagging because of a lintel failure or something else, like the foundation shifting. Many homeowners in Queens are unsure whether their window sill is supposed to be level with the ground or at an angle. It’s natural to assume that all sills should be level with the ground because they look strange when they’re not, but that’s not the case.

A window sill usually slopes towards the ground because of insufficient masonry below. Usually, there aren’t any supporting beams or another masonry to support the sill. As a result, your window sill may tilt towards the ground. It’s important to fix this problem before it becomes larger so that your windows don’t become unsafe for use.

How much does window lintel repair cost?

Window lintel repair cost varies from location and area. Call us to know more about the costs of window lintel maintenance you can expect to pay.

Do I need to get a professional to repair my lintel?

Many people think they can restore their lintels, but they should always consider hiring a window lintel repair Queens professionals. Homeowners can fix not all cracks, so it is important to hire a professional before starting the project.

You never want to cause more damage by trying to fix your lintel on your own. Get help from Excel Masonry Contractors NY if you need it. Contact us today for a free quote!