Fire Escape Painters for Bronx Area

Fire Escape Painting BronxThe Fire Department New York (FDNY) has enforced laws and restrictions for the proper maintenance of fire escapes in a high-rise or commercial buildings. Hence, the experts at Masonry Contractor NY have indulged in fire escape painting Bronx to ensure you have an accessible and perfectly functioning fire escape to get away with violations. Our specialized crew offers you the finest solutions regarding the repair and restoration of fire escapes through comprehensive painting services.

As a building owner, you are solely responsible to keep your fire escape in working condition so that it is safe to use during emergencies. A fire escape is an indispensable architectural structure proposed as an emergency exit during a devastating fire outbreak in a high-rise building. These intricate wrought iron or steel arrangements are immensely vulnerable to corrosion and rust. Thus lack of regular maintenance can make these fire escapes feeble, losing their functional usage over the years.

We, at Masonry Contractor NY, propose conducive and cost-effective solutions for all your fire escape restoration requirements. Our team of licensed, insured, and well-trained fire escape painters are committed to delivering expert services while prioritizing the safety of the building occupants.

Fire Escape Refurbishment Services

A dilapidated fire escape is a potential threat to the occupants of a building and anyone around. It is unsafe and violates the New York City Building Code. You are subjected to receive violation and penalty if your fire escape is responsible for causing accidents and injuries. So, we at Masonry Contractor NY offer complete fire escape refurbishment, including inspection, certification, and maintenance.

With years of experience in the industry, our experts are mindful of the suitable tools and techniques required to fix a damaged fire escape. We help in restoring your old fire escape that is capable of retaining its original strength and purpose. You can save a lot on costs when you do not require installing a new one!

From annual servicing to regular maintenance programs, we deal with every type of requirement. The rigor and dedication we pay off are commendable when you witness the exemplary results!

  • Inspecting the fire escape to check its stability is the foremost step to beginning the restoration work. Our building inspectors look for damages like loose anchorages that form the primary source of structural instability. We note all the defects- missing pieces, railings, treads, bents, bolts, slats, steel beams, sharp edges, flaking paint, rust, and cracked or missing bricks or caulking. To sum up, it evaluates the condition of your fire escape focussing on the damage extent. Every fire escape is prone to natural wear and tear. However, if maintained properly, it can last as long as the building!
  • A major segment of our fire escape services is to repair all the damages. We tighten the loose bolts and weld cracked metal pieces or joints. If there is a considerable decay of the steel beams, we replace them with new ones. When damage is irreplaceable, replacement is the most appropriate fix. All the penetration areas are caulked properly to keep seepage at bay. Thus, the experts at Masonry Contractor NY execute all the necessary repair work to restore structural stability.
  • Once we fix all the major issues, we scrape off the surface to get rid of dirt, dust, rust and flaking paint. It is a very tedious job, but our team devotes immense patience and precision to attain a perfectly smooth surface. After intensive cleaning, we cover every corner of the structure in a thick coat of fresh paint to ensure improved protection against corrosion and other relative damages.

The maintenance of your fire escape does not end after restoring it! A regular inspection of the same is mandatory to preserve its operational benefits.