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Masonry Repair Contractor Fix Foundation Damage

Masonry Repair Contractor Fix Foundation DamageThe foundation of your building is responsible for retaining structural stability and aids support to the entire construction. However, numerous factors lead to considerable changes in the foundation, which destabilizes and weakens the structure. As a property owner, any damage to the foundation is the worst nightmare because it brings severe consequences.

Foundation damage jeopardizes the overall structural integrity of the building. Do you know even doors and windows can be affected if there are changes in the foundation? Yes! You heard us right! Such is the impact of the foundation on the building’s overall functionality.

If you are residing in any of these cities- Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn, and Richmond Hill, foundation defilement is prevalent. In this blog, we will discuss what causes foundation damage and how a masonry contractor Bronx can fix it. So, here it goes.

Fundamental Causes of Foundation Damage

Acting as the base of construction, the foundation has to bear tremendous load. Keeping its significance in mind, the foundation is constructed with reinforcement steel for additional strength and support. How can a structure so strong get damaged? Check out the reasons:

  • Soil Conditions- If your foundation is built on clay soil, it is more likely to experience settlement. Clay soil expands with water but contracts otherwise. So, changes in the soil imply a substantial impact on the foundation.
  • Improper Compaction- When the base of the foundation is not compacted well, it becomes weak and unstable over time. Hence, the foundation may sink over time.
  • Lack of Drainage- Problems with grading, gutters, and downspouts result in standing water around the foundation. Gradually, the moisture seeps through the foundation, damaging the walls and floors. Only certified masonry repair contractors can resolve the problem.
  • Expansive Tree Roots- Roots of big trees and even small shrubs come in the way of the foundation. As the roots exert pressure on the foundation, cracks appear.
  • Natural Calamities- Earthquakes, droughts, and floods are unavoidable natural calamities. They lead to foundation failure.

Fixing Foundation Damage with Masonry Contractors

The predominant form of foundation damage is cracks. Also, bulging walls or gaps in windows and doors indicate red flags. Nonetheless, masonry foundation contractors can effortlessly fix these problems in the following ways:

  • Evaluation- How can you fix a problem until you recognize its source and severity? It is not possible, right? Thus, before beginning the repair job, a thorough inspection of the site is mandatory. It helps you to recognize the cause and extent of the problem aiding an ideal solution. 
  • Repairing Cracks- Cracks are present in all foundations. Hairline cracks or wider cracks, you will notice them in all shapes and sizes. Though hairline cracks may seem harmless, but can expand over time, resulting in severe consequences. Cracks are repaired by injecting epoxy or hydraulic cement into the gaps. It prevents further damage and restricts water infiltration.
  • Lifting Sunken Foundation- A masonry expert fix foundation damage by lifting the sunken foundation. How is it done? Typically hydraulic piers are used to raise foundation elevation. The process involves placing mechanical jacks at strategic distances and is raised carefully to the desired elevation.
  • Stabilizing Soil- Generally, chemical or soil injections are used to boost soil stability and provide additional strength and support. It prevents further soil movement, stabilizing the foundation altogether.
  • Foundation Support- To provide auxiliary support to the foundation, grout is pumped into the concrete base through strategically placed holes. As the grout solidifies, it restores the strength of the foundation. It is an effective and less invasive technique.

To conclude, early foundation repair is obligatory to restore your building’s structural health.

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