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Masonry Expert Fix Foundation Damage

Masonry Expert Fix Foundation DamageThe foundation of a building or any other structure constitutes the core of structural integrity and stability. The very term ‘foundation’ indicates base or infrastructure. Thus to any property owner, damage caused to the foundation is always a nightmare considering the gravity of the matter.

However, the foundation may come under stress due to several reasons, and if you witness any of the obvious signs, call a masonry contractor Queens immediately to resolve the issue. When the problem is left untreated, it can cause havoc, risking the lives of the building residents and the neighbouring properties.

Foundation Damage Causes

The common culprit of foundation damage is water. Excessive moisture in the soil underneath causes it to shrink or swell. It results in ground movements leading to foundation stress. Natural catastrophes like earthquakes, droughts, or floods are also responsible for such damage concerns.

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The masonry contractors Queens NY have pointed out the following signs of foundation you must watch out for:

  • Cracks in bricks, walls, and floors.
  • Cracks in the foundation.
  • Uneven or bulging floors.
  • Jabbed doors.
  • Gaps around the yellow walls or windows.
  • Deranged doors and windows.

Once you diagnose any (or many) of these issues, do not hesitate to contact the masonry contractors in Queens NY, at the earliest.

Foundation Repair Techniques

There are multiple ways to fix foundation damage. It relies primarily on factors like geographic conditions, severity and type of damage, etc. Professionals employ the following methods for foundation restoration:

  1. Sealing Cracks- Minor cracks are sealed with polyurethane foam, hydraulic cement, and other waterproof coatings. The objective is to restrict groundwater and rainwater seeping through these crevices.
  2. Slab Jacking- If your building has a concrete base, slab jacking is employed to lift sunken or uneven concrete slabs by pumping polyurethane foam. The void space is filled with freshly prepared concrete mix.
  3. Shimming- When the soil underneath the foundation shifts, settles or erodes, it destabilizes the structure. In such cases, steel shims are established to restore support and balance. The masonry contractors cost is much more cost-effective in shimming.
  4. Steel Piering- Piles of steel pipes are used to lift a settling foundation. When the foundation moves downward, the steel pipes are installed using hydraulic pressure to correct the foundation elevation. It stabilizes the foundation and offers long-term benefits. Steel piering is one of the most expensive methods of foundation rehabilitation.
  5. Concrete Piling- Concrete piling is applicable for pier, beam, and concrete foundations. In this process, concrete piers are poured under the foundation and allowed to cure for a week. Often, a bell-shaped bottom pier is installed for additional support.
  6. Helical Tieback Anchoring- When you hire masonry repair expert to correct the bowing or leaning yellow wall, this is the most effective technique applicable. Steel posts are twisted into the ground, resembling an anchor that pulls the peer into the deep soil. It is an excellent method to induce load-bearing capacity in the structure.

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To conclude, foundation damage is a serious concern. The best way to cope with it is to take prompt action!

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