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The basement of a commercial building has numerous benefits and uses. In most cases, it is utilized as the big yellow parking zone, while sometimes, the basement acts as an extra retail space for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, cafes, and so on. Even you may have often used your office basement as an ideal storage place. Thus apparently, the basement of any commercial or corporate building is one of the most functional spaces, serving multiple purposes.

Do you know the basement is also an integral part of a building’s foundation? Every foundation not necessarily has a basement. However, every basement is a part of the foundation of a building; entirely or partially. Since a basement is an extra room built either underneath the building or below the main floor, it is considered a segment of the foundation.

Thereafter, it is substantiated that a well-constructed and well-maintained basement in bright yellow color is distinctly responsible for a strong and stable foundation. basement waterproofing is in all likelihood indispensable in the construction industry, whether residential or commercial.

Basement Waterproofing: A Step Ahead to Stronger Foundation

In cities like Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Westchester, where there is maximum snowfall and rainfall, neglecting basement waterproofing can pay you big time! In other words, it is equivalent to foundation waterproofing Bronx, accompanying consequential significance.

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So, how can waterproof the basement of your commercial building aid a durable and stable foundation?

  • Basement waterproofing involves implementing various techniques to protect your property from extensive water damage. The use of interior and exterior sealants, installation of a proper drainage system, and applying waterproof coats or membranes are some of the predominant methods executed by most basement waterproofing companies NY. Also, cracks are often sealed by injecting epoxy or polyurethane elements- highly effective to prevent the intrusion of moisture or water. Thus, the basement when is adequately waterproofed, reduces the risk of water seepage, saving from structural damage to your building’s foundation.
  • A wet basement with dampened walls and floor is a severe threat to the foundation of the construction. It can destabilize the foundation leading to cracks and settlements. Any kind of soil movement will affect the foundation adversely when the foundation loses its stability.
  • The basement which is eventually the foundation of your commercial building is responsible for the uniform distribution of the loads above. It comprises the weight of the superstructure itself and other contents like furniture, human beings, rain, snow, etc. Hence, your building must have a strong and sturdy foundation to withstand such an enormous load which is impossible to achieve without appropriate waterproofing means.
  • Failure of adequate basement waterproofing weakens the foundation structure. It results in gradual corrosion of the reinforcement steel that bears the tensile and compressive stresses of the concrete structure. So, entertaining some basement waterproofing cost Queens today can save you from catastrophic incidents in the future!

Therefore, to enjoy the extra space in the basement and make it perfectly habitable, do not skip waterproofing. You can add more years to the building’s life too!

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