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Considering the most durable form of construction method, masonry is a comprehensive term that includes brick pointing, stone and stucco work, facade, parapet, and brick walls too. It is distinctively not restricted to construction only, but repair and restoration as well. The employment of skilled craftsmanship and superior grade raw materials enhances the sustainability of masonry work. 


A small leakage in the roof or basement floor can make a lot of difference! Dampening can affect the building foundation to a considerable extent. It is necessary to enforce good waterproofing solutions to prevent catastrophic damage and preserve a construction’s durability. With the use of advanced tools and techniques, today waterproofing solutions are easily accessible.


Sidewalks and driveways are not only used by pedestrians but also form a significant aspect of a neighbourhood’s aesthetics and environment. So, whether the construction, repair, or replacement of sidewalks, a completely professional approach is mandatory. As an essential part of regular maintenance, any damage to a sidewalk requires immediate attention.

Masonry Contractor in Queens NY

Building Strong Foundations: Trusted Masonry Contractors in New York

Providing unwavering masonry services in New York, we, at Excel Masonry Contractor, ascertain to provide outstanding craftsmanship preserving integrity at all levels. Our team of licensed workers are dedicated to catering marvellous solutions for every masonry work including building maintenance and restoration, sidewalk repair and replacement, waterproofing, building renovation, and roofing.

Pioneering as one of the most credible contractors in the industry, we have accomplished a large number of big and small projects- residential and commercial. From remodelling magnificent houses to state-of-the-art office spaces, Masonry Contractor Queens employs exhaustive comprehension and prowess to win the clients’ hearts.

Our Services

We employ high-quality resources in all projects and retain our standard of efficiency to deliver the projects on time. Our range of services is extensive for residential and commercial projects devoted to offering you the unrivaled quality of work. Excel Masonry Contractor NY also specializes in aiding customized repair, replacement, and renovation solutions as per the requirement of the clients.

Whether it is about the beautification of your patio or your stone driveway or even rebuilding your parapet wall, Masonry Contractor Queens has expertise in brickwork, concrete sidewalk, and stucco repair as well. We even provide facade inspection and discern issues for increased safety of your property premises.

At Excel Masonry Contractor NY, our prime focus remains on keeping a transparent relationship with our clients to attain 100% satisfaction and achieve their credence. A happy client means a successful project!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the services provided by Excel Masonry Contractor NY?

    At Excel Masonry Contractor NY, we provide an extensive range of repair, restoration, and replacement services for residential and commercial projects. It comprises stucco and brickwork, window lintel and sill, sidewalk, facade, parapet, waterproofing, and roofing.

  • What are the different types of masonry solutions offered by you?

    We specialize in all sorts of masonry solutions like brickwork and caulking, paving and concrete work, interior and exterior waterproofing, and maintenance and restoration of any building structure.

  • Do you provide repair and maintenance services for commercial projects?

    Yes, we provide repair and maintenance services for all kinds of commercial projects.

  • Can you help me with sidewalk violation removal?

    You are at the right place! We have expertise in the repair and replacement of sidewalks and delivering prompt actions in sidewalk violation removal. Our licensed and qualified professionals will make the process effortless.

  • How fast can I expect the repair of the sidewalk around my house?

    The repair of the sidewalk depends on the extent of the damage. Small cracks and holes can be fixed within a day, whereas major issues like uneven sloping, flooding, and surface deterioration can take up to 2-3days.

  • What are the waterproofing solutions you offer?

    The proficient experts at Excel Masonry Contractor NY offer you waterproofing solutions for roofs, walls, balconies, and terraces using the highest grade of waterproofing materials. The common elements implemented are polyurethane, cementitious coating, rubberized asphalt, bituminous membrane, thermoplastic, PVC waterproofing membrane, and EPDM rubber.

  • How expensive is building waterproofing?

    The type of waterproofing method and the estimated area to be covered determine the cost of building waterproofing.

  • What is the easiest way to contact you?

    You can give us a direct call at 347-331-600 or drop us a text message.


"My house received a new identity!"


I am very grateful for the home renovation service I have received from Masonry Contractor NY. It was indeed a laborious task, but the workers have worked so efficiently that my home today has become the talk of the neighbourhood. From the brilliant stucco work on the exterior of the balcony to the all-new staircase design, I can’t stop praising their stunning work! Earlier, my house almost became invisible in this posh neighbourhood! I am so glad I approached Masonry Contractor NY for the renovation project. You guys have done magic!

"Truly diligent and extraordinarily skilled"


The basement of my house was flooded all the time and it became almost inaccessible because of the foul stink and insects crawling on the walls! Also, it felt as if it is going to crumble down at any time! It was a horrific experience! I have spent so many sleepless nights worrying about the condition of my basement. Finally, I approached my friend who recommended contacting Masonry Contractor NY. A little hesitant initially, however, gradually I started believing in them. The planning and execution were completely different from any other masonry contractor I came across. The end result was truly amazing! The basement of my house has now become my kid’s favourite play spot! Thank You!

“A team of commendable good men at work!”


I was looking to refurbish my office and was clueless about whom to contact. I learned about Masonry Contractor NY as I was searching for a reliable contractor in my neighbourhood. I explained my requirements and from the first day onwards, the entire team got into their shoes to complete my project within time. I remember how they consulted me every time before choosing the raw materials or the colour of the floor tiles. This was perhaps the best part- a very transparent communication. I am sure anybody working with this team will encounter a positive experience as they outlearned my expectations!


Excel Masonry Contractor is a team of licensed professionals aiming to offer sustainable and immaculate masonry solutions across the city. We are here to add a difference to your living while ensuring better technological implementation and exceptional artistry.

We focus on:

  • Repairing and renovating buildings adhering to the highest standards of safety regulations.
  • Delivering prompt services without delay in project completion.
  • Preserving transparency with the clients while establishing cordial relationships.
  • Acknowledging client requirements accomplishing their utmost satisfaction.
  • Following strict business ethics and professionalism based on honesty and morality.
  • Disposing of upright ingenuity while paying off distinctive attention to project intricacy.


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